Hurtekant cutflowers is a small company situated in Wingene, near Bruges in Belgium. We grow tulips, peonies, zantedeschias and gladioli which we sell to florists, some wholesalers and Euroveiling, a flower auction, in Brussels.

The company aims at the upper market of the cutflower trade. We grow the newest or most exclusive varieties in their highest quality. Our tulips are grown from the largest bulbs at lower temperatures in soil, planted shallower and pre-treated. We have some of the most exclusive peony varieties on the market. The zantedeschia varieties are mostly ‘Captain’ varieties which are known for their large and round flowers on sturdy stems. They receive a special treatment during growth to minimise the risk of ‘soft stems’ which is the main issue with this flower. About gladioli we can say that we have been working for more than a decade with a breeder to test new varieties and, when available in larger numbers, we are always the first worldwide to offer these.

Contact us:

Koen Hurtekant
Verlorengoedstraat 1A
8750 Wingene

BTW: BE-0894.625.258
GSM:+32 486 47 07 53



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